Vendor Info

Vendor Information


Trade Show

Set up day is Thursday January 6, 2022 starting at 12pm(noon) ending at 9pm.

Friday January 7, 2022

Saturday January 8, 2022

Sunday January 9, 2022

Terms and Conditions

By submitting a vendor booth application forSafari’s Palmetto Groom, owned by SAFARI PRODUCTIONS LLC event you agree to the following conditions for the

At time of reservation vendor is required to pay in full to hold a vendor booth with this application.

Security/liability of booth space:
Safari Productions LLC is not liable to the vendor/exhibitor, his employees, agents, guest or representatives for any loss, damage or injury from theft, fire, electricity, water, or any other cause. Vendors are recommended to carry their own theft insurance for their booth space. Safari Productions LLC will have security at the event during show hours to oversee the property, security is not responsible for your individual booth space. Security is provided as a courtesy to our vendors and exhibitors for the event space.

Set up/Display of Booth
Set up will take place during designated hours prior to the event start time, these hours will be posted on our website under the vendor page. Within 30 minutes of opening the doors for the expo all vendors must be present and open for the public to arrive. All booths must remain open and staffed for the entire operating hours of the event. NO EARLY TEAR DOWN OF BOOTH SPACE violation of this rule will asses a $500 penalty and vendor will not be invited back to future shows/events.

Media use: All vendors, their company name, logo or images of their booth release the rights to Safari Productions LLC for use any and all media or advertising.

Products/Services for Booth:
At time of your reservation you must submit details of your booth and items sold. Final approval of each item is given by Safari Productions LLC and maintains the right to refuse sale of any item named. If vendor is found to be selling or exhibiting an non listed item, Safari Productions LLC reserves the right demand stop of sales and presentation of any product or item that is found in conflict. Failure to stop sales of these products or display of the item will result in termination of the contract for show attendance with no refund of fees paid and immediate removal of the booth from the expo. We do not guarantee an exclusive product or item sale for the expo unless written contract with Safari Productions LLC approval and signatures of all parties is on file. Exclusive item request have additional fees to booth space rental or sponsorships.

Disturbances/Noise in booth:
Vendors are welcomed to the use of music devices in booth during show hours, if noise level is disturbing the event, spectators or other exhibitors event staff will request the noise level be lowered for the first warning, must be shut down for the next notice. If the violation is due to vulgar or inappropriate music or sounds the vendor must shut down all sounds/music for the remainder of the show.

The vendor agrees they will submit a current Certificate of Liability insurance coverage insuring them and their business at the time the vendor submits contract and payment. Email to or by mail at P. O Box 97 Delaware, OH 43015. Coverage must be valid for the duration of the event from set up to day minimum one day after tear down. Failure to provide this will result in the forfeit of the vendor’s deposit and cancellation of this contract.

The undersigned, hereinafter referred to as the vendor, hereby applies for vendor booth space at Safari’s Palmetto Groom on January 7-8-9,2022  at The Westin Resort Hilton Head Island for exhibition and sales. The vendor agrees to have their vendor booth open, being completely set up and manned, during published exhibition hours for the event. In consideration of vendor fees paid, the vendor agrees to the following terms and conditions: The vendor assumes full liability for any injury or loss to them or their property, or sustained by their agents or employees, at any time during the event and from any cause whatsoever, while on the show premises. The vendor expressly releases and holds harmless the above named, hereinafter referred to as Safari Productions LLC, its members and the show venue, from any and all cost, expense, claim, and/or causes of action arising from the use of the premises by the vendor. The vendor agrees they will submit a current Certificate of Liability insurance coverage insuring them and their business at the time the vendor submits contract and payment. Failure to provide this will result in the forfeit of the vendor’s deposit and cancellation of this contract. The vendor agrees to not sublet or assign any part of the space allotted. The vendor agrees that for any reason beyond the control of Safari Productions LLC will not be responsible for fulfillment of this contract, and may terminate this contract without further liability by repayment all sums paid by vendor for rental. The vendor agrees to exercise the utmost care to not deface, injure or mar the physical property where Safari Productions LLC event is held, and any damage done shall require restitution to show venue at the expense of the vendor. The vendor agrees that, in the event of a bona fide emergency occurring on the show grounds and during the term of this contract, the terms and conditions of this contract are subject to revision by Safari Productions LLC. The vendor agrees that all vendor concessions are subject to acceptance by Safari Productions LLC and any display not complying with propriety and good taste or creating any undue disturbance will be subject to cancellation of contract with no refund. The vendor agrees to comply with any and all requirements of governmental authorities, whether federal, state or local, and will hold Safari Productions LLC harmless from any and all liability due to their failure to comply with governmental regulations or orders. The vendor agrees that if they sell any product or merchandise not listed in this contract, or in conflict with another vendor who has listed such products or merchandise, Safari Productions LLC reserves the right, solely at their discretion, to prohibit selling said merchandise. The vendor agrees and acknowledges that vendor space will be assigned solely at the discretion of Safari Productions LLC approval or their representatives.