Jessica Adorno

Jessica Adorno is the owner/founder of Pupparazzi Pets Mobile Pet Grooming. She has been involved in the grooming industry for 16+ years with knowledge of grooming salons and mobile salons. Jessica was formally trained at NY Academy of Dog Grooming located in New York, NY. She is certified in several areas of pet grooming and has extensive knowledge in skin and coat. Jessica is no stranger to this business and her work reflects just that. Her grooming style is a fusion of different breed styles, trims, and techniques used for the everyday pet. Her attention to detail and interpersonal skills sets her apart from the rest. Background in Industry: At the start of her career, Jessica has worked in grooming salons for years where she gathered knowledge of most breeds and the complexities that groomers, pet owners, and pets face. Pupparazzi Pets was born in 2007 as Jessica started one of the first mobile pet grooming businesses in Bronx, NY. She started her business in a trailer with little knowledge of running a mobile business. She gained the knowledge over time with trials and tribulations and went from a small part-time mobile into a full-time elite mobile business.Throughout the years, she has continued her education and is known for her quick scissor- hand and unconventional yet effective teaching techniques. She is an international speaker and has taught at several grooming seminars, webinars and is a spokesperson for Conair’s grooming tools featured on Target. She continues to shape the pet industry by her wisdom, knowledge and witty antics.


Sherri Perry NCMG.

Sherri started in the AKC show ring and earned her Masters in 1996. Since then she has helped 14 other groomers get certified and has authored an on the job training program for Salon owners. She is super passionate about empowering others and teaching our great profession. Sherri has owned several successful salons in her 33 years in the business. She currently owns and operates Super Groomers in Taos New Mexico.


Emily Landers

Emily Landers has been a pet stylist for nearly 15 years and is a National Certified Master Groomer with the NDGAA.  Her passion breed is Miniature Schnauzers and she has dedicated herself to the mastery of the breed.  Emily’s success in the AKC ring and successful transition to the grooming competition ring has earned her the nickname “Schnauzer Queen.”  Her limited competition entries has earned her such accolades as “Future of the Industry” award at Palmetto Groom 2020 and Group 1 Wire Coat placement at Atlanta Pet Fair 2020.  She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and handstripping expertise with the Grooming Industry.

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee was born in South Korea and grew up in New York. She currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her husband Alex and her four-legged kids. Jennifer started her grooming competition career in 2005. Since then she has won over 70 grooming competition awards in her 7 years grooming competition life. Jennifer is a multi-Best in Show and Best All Around Groomer winner. In 2008. Jennifer won Rising Star of the Year with her American Cocker Spaniel, Bella, at Intergroom. In 2011, Jennifer gained enough points to be qualified to be the member of the Groomteam USA Traveling team to Belgium World Championship, USA won silver. In 2012, Jennifer won GroomOlympic World Champion at Groom Expo with her Handstripping Scottish Terrier, Cora. Jennifer was ranked top 10 groomers in the country for 3 consecutive years, 2010, 2011, and 2012. Jennifer was also nominated Barkleigh Competitive Groomer of The Year 2010, a Cardinal Crystal Award of American Groomer of the Year 2010, Congeniality Award 2010 and Master Groom Judge of the year 2016.  After retiring from the competition ring, Jennifer started her teaching and judging careers. Jennifer founded International Dog Grooming Academy to continue training the elite groomers. Now Jennifer is All Round judge in USA and EGA (Europe Grooming Association). Jennifer has traveled all over the world to give grooming seminars and judge grooming competitions.
In 2018, Jennifer and her husband founded iGroom, Luxury Pet Beauty Care, manufacturing luxury pet cosmetic products. In the short two years, iGroom products won the Barkleigh Honor New Product of the Year 2019, and “iGroom” was nominated the Industry Brand of the Year 2019.

Laura Jayne Taylor 

Laura Jayne sabbah ,Owner and operator of Hair Of The Dog Pet Spa In New York, New York. Active competitive groomer since 2016. Known for her online personality. Eagerly sharing her decades of successes and failures with the world with her quirky videos.

Anna Hawks

Anna hawks is an award winning Master Pet /stylist with over 30 years of experience in the grooming industry. She is also a second generation pet groomer who is always willing to help the new stylist learn the trade and is glad to be a resource for groomers. Anna has always been a strong advocate for continuing education. She is a speaker, judge, author, consultant and a certified sharpener. Anna also raises and shows champion Brussels Griffons.

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