Event Schedule

To our amazing Safari Groomers,
It’s with deep sadness that we regret to inform you due to the most recent Covid restrictions and increase in numbers we will have to cancel our January 2021 Palmetto Groom show. We received a phone call from the venue informing us of a few additional restrictions that will be limiting our event, in a way that will not make it the show that we want it to be and has been.

Please know this is an extremely difficult decision at this point in the game, as of a day ago we were all set to move forward. With this latest information we felt it was important to make a timely decision to allow everybody the opportunity to plan.

We ask that you reply to us with your decision so that we can keep you booked!

What does this mean for your entry?!
-You have the option to remain entered and your entry will hold your spot for Safari’s Palmetto Groom 2022 on January 7-8-9, 2022 back at the amazing ocean front resort!!!
-You have the option to request a refund (only minus the $5 credit card processing fee) to withdraw your entry.
Although our entries are typically non-refundable and most shows maintain the entry, we want to help our industry in any way we can. We do want you back with us for this amazing show!
-ALL seminars and welcome party tickets will be refunded

I have worked with the hotel and all rooms in the block will be cancelled for you and no fees for cancellation will be issued.

Thank you for your support, I look forward for better times in our near future!
Kathy Musto 
President, Safari Productions