Safari classroom seminars:

Seminars: Safari’s classroom seminars

2021 show has been cancelled and rescheduled to 2022




1 hour. In this seminar award winning groomer, speaker and judge, Pina, will teach you all about the Kerry Blue trim, prep and scissoring of their difficult curly coat, and more. Apply this trim on Poodles, Doodles, and any dogs that fit the shape for a totally new look!

“Mixed Breed”-Jay Scruggs
1 hour. In this demo Jay will teach you how to choose what style is best for the dog you are working with. Adding personality to these cute mix breeds will have clients begging you to groom their dog. Learn balance, angulation, finish work, as well as techniques that will help you get a good finish on different coat types.

“How to Grow a Groomer”- Sherri Perry 
2 hour. This Seminar is both for Salon Owners and for Aspiring Groomers. It is an easy to implement program for on the job training and development. It takes you from brand new bather to Certified Master Groomer. No time to train? This shows you how to take that excited bather and teach them all the skills they need to become a great Groomer  without sending them to school. You become the school with emphasis on skill building one at a time. It comes with skills checklists,  written study sheets and tests. A brand new Apprentice Program that can be tailored to any situation. Will also cover ways to acquire the skills you need as a newbie in the industry. A wonderful path to becoming the Great Groomer you wanna be!! Designed to prepare you for Certification and Groomer Greatness!! Don’t miss this one. Fresh exciting ideas and lots of Fun!!

“iGroom Experts”- Jennifer Lee
2 hour. In this seminar award winning groomer and creator of the iGroom line will simplify and breakdown all of products in the iGroom line and how to use them!

“Clipper Blade Workshop”- Anna Hawks
2 hour. What do you really know about your clipper blades?
How much do you spend in sharpening and repairs?
is it easier to replace dull blades vs sharpening them?
This class will teach you what you need to know to keep your blades and clipper running smoothy. Learn how to clean, oil and maintain your equipment, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars annually in sharpening costs.
Feel free to bring your equipment for the hands on portion of the workshop. Your blades and scissors will look brand new!

“Back to Basics/Mat-Anatomy, The Art of De-Matting”Anna Hawks

2 hour. What to do with a double coated mess? Shaving can cause coat damage that will allow the coat to matt up quicker. Learn tricks that will leave clients thinking you can work miracles.  Proper prep work, using the correct tools and using those tools correctly, can significantly affect your finished groom. Learn the difference in slicker brushes, pin brushes, combs and dryers. Proper prep work will save you time and potentially make you more money. 

“Scissors Up”- Anna Hawks

1 hour. This class covers everything a groomer needs to know about scissors. From manufacturing to fitting, identifying the different edges and their correct uses. This class is designed to put the right scissor in the right hand and help groomers identify the right scissor for them.


“Mobile in Manhattan…But where do you park?”- Laura Jayne Taylor
1 hour.  This seminar will cover efficiency, booking software, texting transcripts for customer interactions, client contacts, policies, merchant services, pricing, urban and suburban mobile grooming, and open the floor for any questions.Sounds like just about every other mobile seminar right ? We are going to dig a little deeper. We are going to go at that heart that drives the business. It’s not just about your grooming unit, your tools, your products. There’s another element I’m going to address. The most important factor. Your head, your heart and your gut. Sounds like simple stuff, but if these three things aren’t 100% then the business isn’t going to be 100%. We will address balancing a healthy work flow, taking care of your mental health, and taking care of your body so you can be the boss you always wanted to be.

“No More Risky Business!”- Laura Jayne Taylor

1-2 hour. This seminar is intended to help business owners and groomers learn the art of proactive and protective policies to prevent problems before they start. Waivers while helpful, will not protect you from things like social media backfire and “extortion” from clients that may not have Fido’s care on the top of their priority list.  Transcripts explaining how to protect yourself from the blame game will be handed out, along with handouts of my policies on ear care, anal glands, grooming schedules, and new client interviews.
When you went into this business did you want to be a dog grooming remodeler? Having to undue months of improper care just to be blamed for every underlying health issue a few hours after the groom?  Or did you foresee yourself being a maintenance groomer, caring for a well maintained pet on a healthy grooming schedule that everyone could be happy about.  In this exciting course we will go over all that and more. Learn how to work with your local veterinarians to back up your policies so you can get back to grooming and reduce your exposure to risky business.  Learn how to apply these changes to your business and your veterinarians will appreciate your professionalism and appreciate the referrals to their practice.  Along with weeding out the bad apples and you may also educate a client or two on how to properly care for their dogs skin, coat, and wellbeing !
I promise you a professional delivery method so you can get your policies across in a positive manner. Together we can change how pets feel about going to the groomer!

“Schnauzer Science”- Emily Landers 

2 hour. In this seminar Emily will be sharing her wealth of knowledge about the miniature schnauzer. She had dedicated years of hard work to learning this breed inside and out!
Emily will cover everything from proper hand stripping techniques, tools, and products, to applying the breed standard to your grooms.
This seminar is one for all levels! Emily will break down the breed, making the magic behind the miniature schnauzer understandable for all. From schnauzer pet trims, to contest grooming, to as advanced as schnauzer show grooming.

“Grooming Pains??”-Jessica Adorno

1 hour.  A one hour seminar about the day to day grooming struggles. The ever changing world throws us some curve balls . In this seminar how do we as groomers adapt, adjust and still stay successful?

This seminar will also discus  groomers health and how we stay healthy and happy within our trade for years to come. If your feeling Groomer blues and need some tips and tricks to find your grooming swag back.. this is the class for you. Grooming pains no more!

“What in the Social Media?”- Jessica Adorno
1 hour.  An in depth look at the huge impact media has had on our industry. In this seminar, Jessica will guide new and seasoned groomers through understanding how social media works and how to utilize social media to serve yourself and/or your business. Two major platforms we will focus on is Facebook and Instagram, how to use each app and how to debunk the algorithmLastly, taking a look into client relations and online reviews.