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Safari classroom seminars at Palmetto Groom!

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Safari’s classroom seminars  All seminars are only $45.00 each!

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“Kerry Fever”-Irina Pinkusevich, “Mixed Breed”-Jay Scruggs, “How to Grow a Groomer”- Sherri Perry, “iGroom Experts”- Jennifer Lee, “Clipper Blade Workshop”- Anna Hawks, “Back to Basics/Mat-Anatomy, The Art of De-Matting”- Anna Hawks, “Scissors Up”- Anna Hawks, “Mobile in Manhattan…But where do you park?”- Laura Jayne Taylor, “No More Risky Business!”- Laura Jayne Taylor, “Schnauzer Science”- Emily Landers, “Grooming Pains??”-Jessica Adorno,, “What in the Social Media?”- Jessica Adorno